Ott 13 2012

Plugin Tag (v2.5.3) [Flatpress]

An update to bug a fix of Tag Plugin.

It fixes the behaviour of arabian characters with RewriteURLs/PrettyURLs. Thanks to sunshine for the bug report.

License: GNU GPLv2


2 Commenti

  • I should thank pierovdfn for his great useful plugin.he helped me patiently .
    this plugin works fine with unicode languages i think even with chinese.
    i recommend this plugin as it helps to your site rank and indexing by google too,
    thanks again pierovdfn .

  • Hi, pierovdfn! Thanks for this great plugin! Hate to say it but the plugin doesn’t work with Chinese characters in my case. With RewriteURLs, it goes to the Not Found page. With PrettyURLs, it goes nowhere, stays the page you were before. Still a great piece of work! :)

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