Ott 27 2012

Plugin InternalURLs (v2.0) [Flatpress]

I’ve written a plugin to add internal URLs to bbcode.

It’s called Internal URLs and it provides two tags: iurl (that stands for internal url) and entryurl.

iurl tag

It’s very easy to use: see these examples.

[iurl=contact title="Inviami una mail"]Contact me[/iurl]
[iurl=relative:fp-content/attachs/opensearch_v2.0.tar.gz]File in Flatpress root[/iurl]
[iurl=static:about]About Me[/iurl]
[iurl=post:entry100715-113627]Plugin Brute Force[/iurl]
[iurl=entry:entry100714-155550 comments=true]Plugin Open Search[/iurl]
[iurl=entry:100714-120802 comments=true anchor=comment100715-120544]Commento di Lantaca[/iurl]
[iurl="tag:GNU Linux"]GNU Linux[/iurl] (with TAG Plugin >=1.1)
[iurl=redirect:plugin_redirect.html]Plugin Redirect[/iurl] (with Redirect Plugin)

Contact me
File in Flatpress root
About Me
Plugin Brute Force
Plugin Open Search
Commento di Lantaca
GNU Linux
Plugin Redirect

The only compulsory attribute is the one after = (see below), others are optional.

title and rel set these attributes to the HTML, comments is used with entries to show comments and anchor it’s the part… [Leggi il resto...]

Ott 17 2012

Plugin Entrylist (v1.0.1) [Flatpress]

I’ve updated the plugin to fix a bug with PHP 5.4 (call_user_func doesn’t pass values as reference).


Please, refer to the version 1.0 for further information.

Ott 13 2012

Plugin Tag (v2.5.3) [Flatpress]

An update to bug a fix of Tag Plugin.

It fixes the behaviour of arabian characters with RewriteURLs/PrettyURLs. Thanks to sunshine for the bug report.

License: GNU GPLv2


Ago 28 2012

Plugin RewriteURLs (v2.3.3) [Flatpress]


I’ve fixed a bug in the plugin. There wasn’t a negation in an if, so the cache of categories was always empty and the system used the fallback link (the one with the get parameter).

Now I’ve fixed it.

I’m sorry but I haven’t seen until 5 minutes ago.

Description of the plugin

This is an alternative to PrettyURLs.

Why did I write it if there is also PrettyURLs in the standard distribution of Flatpress?

I was fed-up of PrettyURLs errors and problems, so I’ve write my alternative.

It’s 100% compatible with PrettyURLs. It just doesn’t have the administration panel, however I think that it’s not a problem editing the .htaccess file using your FTP client. However if you used PrettyURLs you can directly swtich to this plugin.

New features are for example the correct handling of the next/prev page link (who talked about custom GET params?) and redirect of files that exist in plugins directory but have a wrong link.

Get it

License: GNU GPL v2

Download: rewriteurls_v2.3.3.tar.gz

Mar 03 2012

Plugin RewriteURLs (v2.3.2) [Flatpress]


Hi, I’ve corrected another small bug of the RewriteURLs plugin.

It didn’t handle correctly the feed of comments.

License: GNU GPL v2



Ho corretto un altro piccolo bug del plugin RewriteURLs.

Non prendeva i feed dei commenti.

Licenza: GNU GPLv2