Gen 21 2018

Adwaita+Tango for PuTTY

Recently I have started using PuTTY more and more. It is a very nice program that has lots of features but it has also a big problem: with the default settings, fonts and colors are a bit ugly and in some case the text is even difficult to read.

Luckily PuTTY has lots of customization possibilities. My first idea was to use Solarized (Light), because I use it also on my phone with JuiceSSH and on Gedit. However, almost immediately I realized this problem:

ls using the Solarized Light theme: the image shows that it is difficult to tells directories from files

As you can see, directories, files and links have almost the same color and are very difficult to distinguish. Notice that I have enabled the bold as font, which by default is disabled, otherwise directories and links would have normal weight, and it would be even more difficult to what is what.

Therefore I thought that the default GNOME Terminal theme in the dark variant (Adwaita dark + Tango colors) is very nice, too, and allows to clearly tell all colors. Moreover, I have used it for years and I still do, therefore having this theme on PuTTY would be very comfortable to me.

I though I would finding it on Google would have been a trivial search, but that was not the case, and eventually I decided to proceed and create it… [Leggi il resto...]

Ott 03 2009


Tranquilli, non mi sono dato al ballo.

Tango è un progetto su freedesktop.org.

Finora mi sono sempre limitato a pensare che fosse un set di icone, invece non è così.

È un bellissimo sito che illustra dei “principi” di grafica, come scegliere i colori etc.

Link: tango.freedesktop.org