Feb 02 2014

Plugin Tabmenu (v4.1) [Flatpress]


This is the new version of the Tabmenu plugin, that replaces, the version 4.0.

The plugin adds “sel” class if you are in that page (in HTML, class=”sel”).

You can use both {{TABCLASS}} and {{TABSELECT}} patterns: the difference is that the first adds the class attribute, the second just the sel and so you can speficy other classes. See below for an example.
This is an example (for the homepage):

<li {{TABCLASS:index}}><a href="/" title="Homepage>Homepage</a></li>
<li class="myotherclass {{TABSELECT:index}}"><a href="/" title="Homepage>Homepage</a></li>

Replace index with:

  • index for the homepage;
  • blogindex or blog for the blog homepage;
  • contact for contact.php
  • admin for admin panel
  • login for login page
  • post:entry_id or entry:entry_id for entries (entry_id is the entry id in format entryYYMMDD-hhmmss)
  • static:static_id or page:static_id for static pages (static_id is the static page name, not title)
  • category:id or cat:id for a category with category number as id
  • tag:tagname for a tag
  • params:url or fp_params:url or fpparams:url, where url is the part next to the ? of Flatpress standard urls (standard means not RewriteURLs or PrettyURLs).

A note about the blog… [Leggi il resto...]

Lug 18 2013

Plugin RewriteURLs (v2.3.6) [Flatpress]

There is a new small fix in RewriteURLs plugin.

It fixes the strange behavior with ?u mode.

So if you use the classic mode or pathinfo mode you don’t need to update it.

Thanks to LTB for the reporting.

Downlaod: rewriteurls_v2.3.6.tar.gz.

Released under GPLv2.

Mar 11 2013

Plugin RewriteURLs (v2.3.4) [Flatpress]

That’s a minor revision of the RewriteURLs plugin.

It fixes the support for non latin letters on the titles and I’ve corrected some typos on the comments.

Actually I fixed it a lot of time ago, however I didn’t release (I think I had forgot to, unwittingly), so I apologize with users who have encountered problems that have been fixed with this update.

License: GPLv2 (or any other license compatible with FP’s one and the content of the plugin)

Download: rewriteurls_v2.3.4.tar.gz.

Mar 11 2013

Plugin Tag (v2.5.4) [Flatpress]

An update to bug a fix of Tag Plugin.

It fixes an incompatibility with PrettyURLs: if you had the related entries before the comment form, after that you have plublished the comment, you would have been redirected to a wrong entry.

Thanks to LTB for the reporting.

License: GNU GPLv2


Ott 27 2012

Plugin InternalURLs (v2.0) [Flatpress]

I’ve written a plugin to add internal URLs to bbcode.

It’s called Internal URLs and it provides two tags: iurl (that stands for internal url) and entryurl.

iurl tag

It’s very easy to use: see these examples.

[iurl=contact title="Inviami una mail"]Contact me[/iurl]
[iurl=relative:fp-content/attachs/opensearch_v2.0.tar.gz]File in Flatpress root[/iurl]
[iurl=static:about]About Me[/iurl]
[iurl=post:entry100715-113627]Plugin Brute Force[/iurl]
[iurl=entry:entry100714-155550 comments=true]Plugin Open Search[/iurl]
[iurl=entry:100714-120802 comments=true anchor=comment100715-120544]Commento di Lantaca[/iurl]
[iurl="tag:GNU Linux"]GNU Linux[/iurl] (with TAG Plugin >=1.1)
[iurl=redirect:plugin_redirect.html]Plugin Redirect[/iurl] (with Redirect Plugin)

Contact me
File in Flatpress root
About Me
Plugin Brute Force
Plugin Open Search
Commento di Lantaca
GNU Linux
Plugin Redirect

The only compulsory attribute is the one after = (see below), others are optional.

title and rel set these attributes to the HTML, comments is used with entries to show comments and anchor it’s the part… [Leggi il resto...]